Girls Scouts have multiple Ceremonies. 

Planning is essential to ensure that it is meaningful.  Each ceremony has 3 parts.  The opening, the main part and the closing.  The opening can welcome guests, tell the purpose and set the mood.  The main part focuses on the purpose.  It could include singing songs, reading poems, performing dramatics, or sharing a candle lighting.   The closing summarizes the ceremony and could include a friendship circle, saying thank you or good-bye to special guests or singing a closing song.

There are several Types of Ceremonies that can be performed.

  • Investiture – held to welcome someone into Girl Scouts for the first time.
  • Bridging – when you “cross the bridge” to the next level in Scouts.
  • Rededication – Held at special times when Girl Scouts want to renew their promise and what the Law means to them.   Usually held at the beginning of the year.
  • Court of Awards – which girls receive recognitions they have earned.
  • Girl Scout’s Own – created by a troop or group around a theme.
  • Candlelight Ceremonies (can be added to any of the above ceremonies)– Help girls think about the meaning of the Girl Scout Promise and Law. 
    • 3 large candles represent the 3 parts of the Promise
    • 10 smaller candles represent the 10 parts of the Law.
  • Flag Ceremonies
    • The troops form a horseshoe. Color guard is in position.  All stand at attention.
    • Girl Scout-in-charge says: “Color guard Advance”
    • The guard walks forward carrying the flags in formation.  They stop in front of stands.
    • Girl Scout-in-charge says “Girl Scouts, Honor the flag of your Country”
    • Girl Scout-in-charge says “Girl Scouts, Recite the Pledge of Allegiance.”  This could be followed by songs, poems or verses.
    • Girl Scout-in-charge says “Color guard post your colors” Flags are posted in stands.
    • Girl Scout-in-charge says “Color guard Dismissed.” 
  • Opening Ceremony – Starts a meeting
  • Closing ceremony – Closes a meeting



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